10GM - A joint venture to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Greater Manchester

Local Areas

10GM strengthens Greater Manchester's local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise infrastructure and increases the voice and influence of the sector. We work strategically with Greater Manchester's Local Infrastructure Organisations (LIOs) and other support initiatives, with a shared purpose to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of people and communities across GM.

You can find out more about Greater Manchester's Local Infrastructure Organisations, their initiatives, and local volunteer opportunities by following the links below. 

What's local VCSE infrastructure?

What's Local Infrastructure?

Local Infrastructure Organisations (LIOs) support the third sector (voluntary, community, social enterprises, faith groups - VCSE) in their localities.

Strong local infrastructure enables communities to influence decision-making, builds partnerships and networks, and encourages volunteering opportunities. When this support is accessible locally, individuals and communities thrive. 

LIOs work is diverse and different for each local area and organisation. Through research, NAVCA's have identified four broad categories that local infrastructure organisations work within - ‘four Functions of Local Infrastructure’.


Leadership and advocacy
Bringing together our diverse communities and marginalised groups to strengthen our sector's voice and influence key decision-makers.  


Partnerships and collaborations
Creating opportunities and joint working by bringing together networks of local organisations and strategic partners.


Capacity building
Providing practical support, resources or advice to facilitate community development.


Encourage and nurture volunteering opportunities, so that people can build connections and work together on things they care about, driving positive change locally.  There are over half a million volunteers in Greater Manchester. 

Page last reviewed: 09 November 2023.