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Fairer Health For All

The population of Greater Manchester experiences poorer health, lower life expectancy, and lower healthy life expectancy than other areas in the UK. This is partly due to a higher proportion of the population living in deprived communities. These inequalities are visible across communities in Greater Manchester and also between the city region as a whole, and other areas of the country.

10GM is working with GM Integrated Care Partnership to implement the Fairer Health For All Framework.

The Fairer Health For All Framework

The Fairer Health For All Framework has been developed to help the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership (GM ICP) deliver against their commitments to improve health, reduce inequalities and create a greener, fairer, more prosperous city region as outlined in the GM ICP strategy and the Greater Manchester strategy. This GM framework will strengthen and enable local action through place-based

 partnerships by outlining: shared principles for delivery against GM Strategy and ICS priorities to reduce health inequalities and create a greener, fairer, more prosperous GM across the lifespan (Start Well, Live Well, Age Well) system infrastructure required to support policies and programmes that create healthy places and reduce inequalities in access to care, to deliver against national planning guidance and the 5 national clinical priorities in CORE20PLUS5.

In addition to addressing the social, cultural, and geographical barriers that create preventable variances inequality for certain groups, this Framework provides guidance for all of us in the health and care system on how to work together to address the conditions that are harming health, to:

- create more opportunities and places for people to lead healthier lives

- tackle discrimination and prejudice that lead to health and care inequalities

- co-design and co-deliver health and care services that are fairer, greener and inclusive for when people need them.

The Fairer Health for All Academy

The Fairer Health for All Academy hosts information about the Fairer Health For All Leadership Programme, fellowships, Communities of Practice, the Live Well Programme, shared learning, training and development, and Stories of Change. 

Stories of Change 

Representatives of Greater Manchester's VCSE sector have developed video case studies showing their collaborative work to power system change and make inequalities everyone’s business.

You can view 10GM's story of change 'Upstream Models of Care Explained' video below, or read the factsheet

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View more stories of change

The stories include Bolton's COVID-19 vaccination programme; GM Older People's Network; Partnership working to address complex needs in Wigan; and, Improving transport for people with disabilities in Salford.

The Health and Care Intelligence Hub 

With VCSE and public sector partners, NHS GM has created The Health and Care Intelligence Hub, a consolidated data and insights portal hosting a range of web-based intelligence tools to enable adaptive capability for Population Health Management. 

All VCSE partners are welcome to use the hub and can request access to it. 

How can I get involved? 

To connect to this work, get in touch with the 10GM Strategic Lead (Population Health) at [email protected].

Other Population Health work
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Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise and Primary Care Network Partnerships

As part of our Population Health work, 10GM has funded 5 partnerships to become test and learn sites to explore how the VCSE sector and GPs can build lasting relationships that help them work together to tackle health inequality.  

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Population Health: 10GM's role

10GM is working with partners from Population Health, Primary Care Networks and the wider VCSE sector to find innovative ways of tackling health inequalities.

Find out about the main delivery areas of 10G's work.

Page last reviewed: 12 September 2023.

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