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Afghanistan Crisis Response

People affected by the crises in Afghanistan have been arriving in Greater Manchester for a number of years. This page covers the response to the humanitarian and political crisis which unfolded in 2021 and how Greater Manchester's VSCE sector delivered vital help and support for people who arrived here. 

The Migrant Destitution Fund GM continues to support migrant people in Greater Manchester who have "no recourse to public funds" - a policy which leaves people unable to meet their basic needs, not supported by the state and not allowed to do paid work to support themselves.

People supported by the Fund are mostly asylum seekers and people whose right to remain isn't recognised by the Home Office (e.g. because a relationship breaks down). Many migrants eventually win the right to remain, to work and to access public funds, but it is a long process and in the meantime, it traps people in destitution. Others are granted leave to remain but are still denied access to public funds, leaving them without any safety net.

The Fund aims to restore dignity and empower people forced into degrading situations by Home Office policy. (The Fund is administered by 10GM member, Macc.) Click here to donate.

Afghan Arrivals Support Evaluation

In this report, you'll find out more about the ways that people fleeing Afghanistan were supported in Greater Manchester. From initial support, current and future support. 

Page last reviewed: 01 March 2023

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