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Live Well

10GM is working with partners from Population Health and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to further Greater Manchester’s movement for community-led health and wellbeing.

What is Live Well?

The neighbourhoods we live in and the communities we are a part of, help us live a healthy, happy life. They help us feel supported, connected and resilient through a variety of information, activities, and networks.

Being able to Live Well can mean different things to different people:


Enjoying life; 


having purpose; 


a good job; 


being in a warm and safe house; 


people to spend time with and care about; 


being represented; 


having a voice and a say in decisions about my life. 

What is 10GM’s role? 

Communities and local organisations across Greater Manchester are making a huge contribution to tackling these inequalities, but they shouldn’t have to do this alone.

As part of 10GM's Population Health work, we've supported the VCSE sector to help shape and codesign Live Well. We sit on the Live Well Steering Group, and as part of this, we've connected NHS Greater Manchester with VCSE groups across Greater Manchester to roll out the The National Lottery Community Fund to tackle health and wellbeing inequalities. This includes:

Salford CVS

Salford CVS has worked with residents in Little Hulton to develop CommUNITY Little Hulton to build a community pavilion and bike park. 

Bolton CVS

Bolton's Community Champions are a network of independent voices for the places they live and work with services to ensure that they respond to what those places need to prevent ill health.

Action Together (Rochdale Locality)

Residents and community groups across Rochdale have been working with the Council and other partners to figure out how they can challenge poverty and its effects.

Action Together (Oldham Locality)

Community groups in Oldham are making decisions together with public services and residents about how budgets are used to support that community work to continue long-term.

Action Together (Tameside Locality)

Voluntary and community groups in Tameside are working with system partners to make keeping people healthy and well a borough-wide approach to doing more together to prevent ill health for all residents and find ways to resource this for the longer term.

How can I get involved? 

To connect to this work, get in touch with the 10GM Strategic Lead (Population Health) at [email protected].

Find out about our Population Health work
Two people sat talking in a garden

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise and Primary Care Network Partnerships

As part of our Population Health work, 10GM has funded 5 partnerships to become test and learn sites to explore how the VCSE sector and GPs can build lasting relationships that help them work together to tackle health inequality.  

Man and daughter reading a book

Fairer Health For All 

10GM is working with GM Integrated Care Partnership to implement the Fairer Health For All Framework.

Data graphics

Data and Intelligence 

We've partnered with Data Orchard and want to hear your views on data so we can focus on what’s important to help your organisation and the sector to use data to meet the needs of people in Greater Manchester.

Page last reviewed: 10 May 2024

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