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VCSE Data and Intelligence Project

10GM has partnered with Data Orchard CIC to understand the state of data and intelligence in the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester. We're exploring how the sector is doing currently, listening to challenges and needs around data, and planning support and resources that will be useful in future. 

Data is increasingly important for VCSE organisations and is part of almost everyone’s job these days. When we manage, analyse and use data better, we're able to target services more effectively, deliver them more efficiently, and influence key partners- such as local authorities and the NHS- to make sure services and support are funded appropriately.

10GM and Data Orchard CIC offered all VCSE organisations In Greater Manchester a free Data Maturity Assessment report to help them understand their organisation's current approach to data and intelligence, as well as lots of hints and tips on getting better with data. Organisations that took part in the assessment used a data maturity assessment tool to benchmark hundreds of not-for-profit sector organisations. The data will help us understand what’s important to help organisations use data to meet the needs of people in Greater Manchester. 

Next steps for this work


Data Orchard will analyse and benchmark the results from organisations that took part in the assessment to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement that will shape the foundation for informed decision-making.


Data Orchard will engage with organisations that took part in a 'data deep-dive' to gather in-depth insights. They will build case studies that highlight successful data maturity journeys within the sector, and provide practical examples of lessons learned.


We'll identify potential pilot projects through interviews and focus groups that have the potential to drive transformative change and improve data maturity.


We'll host a stakeholder learning and prioritisation event to ensure the VCSE sector's diverse voices contribute to shaping the future landscape of data maturity. 


A mid-project report will present key findings from engagement activities and the Data Maturity Assessment, offering a snapshot of our journey and setting the stage for the project's next phase. 


A draft end-of-project report will outline key findings, provide actionable recommendations, and present a prioritised list of pilot projects. This document will be the roadmap for the sector's enhanced data maturity. 


A final report will summarise key learnings, showcase success stories through case studies, and present a strategic vision for advancing data maturity across Greater Manchester's VCSE sector. 

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Understanding VCSE Data and Intelligence to Improve Health Equality in GM

Join us to explore and discuss insights from a project understanding data and intelligence in Greater Manchester's VCSE sector

Got questions?

Email [email protected], or visit Data Orchard's website to find out more about Data Maturity. 

Current Population Health work
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Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise and Primary Care Network Partnerships

As part of our Population Health work, 10GM has funded 5 partnerships to become test and learn sites to explore how the VCSE sector and GPs can build lasting relationships that help them work together to tackle health inequality.  

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Fairer Health For All 

10GM is working with GM Integrated Care Partnership to implement the Fairer Health For All Framework.

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