Managing risk and communications

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Managing Risk and Communications  –  Human Resources and Legal SupportLinks

These links provide advice on different types of risks that your organisation may need to be aware of and information on communications:

Health and Safety – Understand your health and safety duties of care as an organisation
Insurance – Details the most common insurances that an organisation need to have and those that may be advisable
Quality Assurance – A way for your organisation to make sure that it is always striving to do the best it can for its service users, members, volunteers and funders
Charities and VAT – A brief general overview about how VAT operates and how it may affect voluntary and community organisations
What to think about if your organisation is considering taking on a lease or tenancy of a property
Risk Assessment – It is good practice to carry out regular comprehensive assessments of all the risks faced by your organisation and to maintain a register of them
Risk Assessment Chart
Charities and risk management – This guidance from the Charity Commission outlines the basic principles and strategies that can be applied to help charities manage their risks

Planning / Project Management
Holding an Event – What you need to keep in mind when planning any kind of event
Marketing – The ways in which you can get your message heard and your name known
Publicity Materials
Managing Information – Good information management supports the work of your organisation by making information useful