About 10GM

10GM is a joint venture to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Greater Manchester. The founding members are: Action Together, Bolton CVS, Macc and Salford CVS. We are local infrastructure organisations operating strategically and collaboratively; our shared purpose is to champion local voluntary and community action and social enterprise across the city-region in order to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Greater Manchester’s people and communities.

10GM operates to cooperative principles and is established as a company limited by guarantee owned by the members. Its purposes are:

• To foster social action for the purposes of empowering communities throughout Greater Manchester and its environs
• To strengthen local infrastructure that supports communities, charities and similar organisations through facilitating collaborations
• To champion local infrastructure and local communities to bodies concerned with Greater Manchester and its environs. 

These are supplemented by our aspirations and values which relate to improving

Equity – increasing the effectiveness of the VCSE sector in building equality and reducing inequality across the communities of Greater Manchester.
Impact – equipping people and organisations within the VCSE sector to demonstrate and increase the impact on the lives of people who live, work, and study in Greater Manchester. 
Influence – support a strong independent voice for the VCSE sector which can shape key areas of policy and decision making.  
Reach – enhance communication and collaboration within the VCSE sector and with public, private, and academic VCSE sector partners. 
Effectiveness – increase the quality, sustainability, and ingenuity of support to the VCSE sector in all boroughs of Greater Manchester. 

and to increasing

Solidarity – mutual support, sharing insight, knowledge and exploring together.
Sharing – building on our collective strength by sharing our resources, skills, expertise, and people.  
Opportunity – collaborating to create projects and win business relevant to our shared ambitions.  
Positioning – showing the benefits of a strong, place-shaping role in localities and helping to develop solutions for local VCSE sector support in all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

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