Voluntary sector support services in Rochdale are provided by CVS Rochdale. They offer:

  • Strategic representation and leadership for, and on behalf of the voluntary sector, and brokering relationships between the sector, public bodies and local communities
  • Promotion and championing of the values and ethos of the sector, and volunteering and social action
  • Relevant, high quality and timely information to the voluntary sector and public bodies
  • Opportunities for the voluntary sector to network, collaborate, and influence local and sub regional policies, plans and practices
  • Specialist high quality information, advice and support
  • Learning and development opportunities for residents and members of voluntary sector organisations
  • An accredited volunteer centre
  • Volunteer led or volunteering development programmes, projects and activities
  • Community development and engagement projects, programmes and activities

CVS Rochdale website CVS Rochdale.

CVS Rochdale on Twitter: @CVS_Rochdale

State of the Sector Report 2017

Click here to download the latest State of the VCSE Sector research for Rochdale (PDF).
GM State of the Sector – Rochdale FINAL