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The following information and resources will help to support your human resource practices and provide an opportunity to obtain free legal advice:

Employment Status factsheet – The various types of employment status and the key factors that must be considered by employers
Equality Act 2010 factsheet – The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society
Fixed term contracts factsheet – Answers some of the most frequently asked questions about fixed term contracts
Job design factsheet – Job design planning requires a careful balance between operational requirements, flexibility of the organisation, consideration of the needs of the employee and sustainable delivery of the desired organisational outcomes
Line management factsheet
Recruitment and Selection factsheet
Redundancy factsheet – To help employers to follow a fair procedure and ensure that they consult with employees appropriately
Supervision and Feedback factsheet – Examines the purpose and benefits of supervision, and discusses how to plan and conduct a supervision meeting

Free Acas tools and resources
The free tools and resources section of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service website includes HR and management forms, and letters and templates which many employers have found helpful:
Hiring/recruiting staff
Managing staff and performance
Disciplining staff

Free Acas e-learning
Acas’ free online learning lets managers and supervisors check their business’ employment relations practices and approaches. Topics are useful for managers, supervisors and anyone responsible for improving workplace productivity. The e-learning topics include Discipline and grievance, Equality and diversity, Contracts of employment and written statements, Pay and reward, Performance management and a range of other key topics. Click here to view the e-learning courses

Are they safe? Guides
Use the Are they safe? Guide Part A: introduction – This will help you get the essentials in place to keep children safe within your community organisation.
Are they safe? Guide Part B: plan of action – In part B, you will find exercises and checklists, policy templates and advice on how to employ the right people.
Are they safe? Guide Part C – Information, resources and publications

Free legal support for community groups
LawWorks for Community Groups offers three ways to provide free legal advice and guidance to small charities, not-for-profit, voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises in England and Wales:
Free Legal Assistance – They can try to broker help for a wide range of legal work including company law, employment law, intellectual property law, charity law, tax VAT law, insolvency and help in drafting contingency plans, insurance law, health and safety law, general contractual / commercial matters etc.
Initial Electronic Advice – An online system which provides answers from qualified solicitors to brief legal questions
Legal Factsheets – These LawWorks factsheets give general information to groups on specific areas of law