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10GM working in Wigan and Leigh

As Wigan and Leigh CVS have announced their intention to close during 2017, they have asked 10GM partners to ensure a new local support offer is developed for the voluntary and community sector in the borough. Macc is leading on this on behalf of 10GM and is working in partnership with local stakeholders including the Community Partnership, the Borough Wide Network, the Wigan & Leigh VCS Assembly and The Deal team at Wigan Borough Council.

Together we will be working towards the priorities of:
– Continuing voluntary and community sector support services, delivered locally
– Connectivity with Greater Manchester via 10GM

The partnership work will ensure:
– Continuation of the CVS newsletter, volunteering support, locally delivered training, and some one-to-one group and funding support
– Access to an extensive range of web-based resources
– A place of influence in Greater Manchester developments through 10GM

Follow 10GM’s work in Wigan & Leigh on Twitter: @10GMWigan


What we know about the VCSE sector in Wigan Borough

Click here to download the latest State of the VCSE Sector research for Wigan & Leigh (PDF).
GM State of the Sector – Wigan FINAL